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In 2013, CPHR Saskatchewan began it's pursuit to become a self-regulated profession.  Professional recognition and the authority to self-regulate represents a multifaceted process to the Association and its stakeholders. It is our goal is to elevate the credibility of the human resources profession and protect the public interest.

While much remains to be done, CPHR Saskatchewan has been active with the objective of advancing a proposal to have a bill introduced to the legislative assembly in 2016/2017.

Why Self-Regulation? 

For human resources to be seen as a profession on par with other leading professional groups - engineers, accountants, lawyers, etc. the next step in our evolution is to become recognized as a true self-governing professional association.

Self-regulation is not just about CPHR Saskatchewan regulating members, it's about members regulating members. Obtaining recognition as a self-regulated profession means that the Saskatchewan Government has recognized that our members themselves are in the best position to regulate the standards required of the HR profession, including certification standards and standards of professional conduct. 

We believe it's time to prepare ourselves and our members for the responsibility and obligation that comes with the label - 'Professional' - and this means that change is necessary in order for us to become a true self-governing body for the HR profession.

Public interest reasons to self-regulate:

1) The public can’t protect itself

The public does not get to choose who their HR professional is and therefore a standard set of practices is very important.  Also, with so many small and medium sized businesses in Saskatchewan human resources roles are often filled by consultants and these consultants also need a standard governance model to follow to fulfil their responsibilities.

2) Reduction of costly controls

Why should the human resource profession be regulated when employers and unions already have access to lawyers, the labour board, etc.?  Our position is that although these roles are critical they are put in place to help employees right a wrong after it has already happened.  Knowledgeable and influential human resource professionals will be able to deal with issues prior to going to a penalty stage, reduce employer and public litigation costs, and reduce government resources and costs incurred in enforcement.

3) Minimize harm

Effective qualified human resource professionals and strong HR reduces cases of harm caused by abusive employers and/or unions, controls and mitigates dangerous working conditions, and is able to identify and eliminate unethical work practices and/or violations of the SK Employment Act.

4) Ensure knowledge gap is handled with care

HR professionals possess a large body of knowledge, 9 professional competencies and 5 enabling ones.  They are required to interpret and apply a vast array of legislation, codes, regulations, policies and practices.  The consequence of unprepared or overwhelmed HR professionals is inadequate advice that creates poor policy and unintended public harm.

In short, self-regulation for the HR profession in Saskatchewan is good for employers, employees, the economy and broader society. It protects the public interest by ensuring both the professional competence and ethical conduct of registered HR professionals. It requires very little cost for the Government of Saskatchewan, and in the long-run may actually decrease the administrative burden on the Government for oversight of compliance with labour and employment legislation. A self-regulating professional human resources association takes a pro-active approach in securing the success of our organizations and our people. The future of a successful Saskatchewan hinges on the success of its people.  HR professionals, functioning properly and accountable to a set of professional standards, are integral to organizational success.


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