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New CPD Requirements and Online Reporting System

December 7, 2018  
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Effective 2019, the new CPD requirement includes: sixty (60) hours (previously 100 hours) of qualifying Continuing Professional Development in a rolling three (3) year calendar, with a minimum of ten (10) qualifying hours in a calendar year (previously there was no annual minimum requirement). See examples further down on rolling three (3) year calendar. 

It is strongly recommended that you, as a Professional Member, obtain more than the required ten (10) CPD hours per calendar year in the event the hours submitted are audited and not approved or reallocated to a different section where the hours are recognized differently. 


Why is CPHR Saskatchewan moving to a rolling CPD requirement?

  • Allow you flexibility in participating in continuing professional development to accommodate work and life demands. 
  • Elevate the credibility of the CPHR designation as it shows that Professional Members remain current in their profession by completing an established minimum amount of CPD activities each year. This is similar to the accounting, legal and engineering professions.
  • Positively impact you, as well as the public and their employers, as you will continually demonstrate you possess up-to-date and relevant HR knowledge.
  • Consistency with CPHR Canada Member Associations


What is a three (3) year rolling calendar?


  • Effective January 2019, the three (3) year rolling calendar is January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2021. In 2020, the oldest year (2019) is discarded and the new rolling three (3) year calendar becomes January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2022.
  • Each calendar year (Jan 1-Dec 31), every CPHR Professional Member must complete and submit online a minimum of ten (10) hours of qualifying CPD. Over any rolling three (3) year period, every CPHR must complete a total of 60 hours of qualifying CPD.
  • By December 31 of each year, 60 hours must have been accumulated in the previous three (3) year period with a minimum of ten (10) hours in each year.
  • Understandably, if you only obtain the minimum of ten (10) CPD hours each year, you will not reach the minimum 60 CPD hours over the “rolling” three (3) years. Professional Members must attain more than ten (10) CPD hours in at least one of the rolling three (3) years, in order to achieve 60 CPD hours or more in three (3) years. 



Below is an example of a Rolling 3 Year Calendar of CPD hours for Member X:









CPD Hours

20 hrs

30 hrs

10 hrs

#1. 60 hrs in a rolling 3 year calendar




#2. 60 hrs - in a rolling 3 year calendar




#3. 50 hrs in a rolling 3 year calendar- does not meet the requirement

  • Example 1:
  • Year 1 2019 - 20 hours, Year 2 2020 - 30 hours, Year 3 2021 - 10 hours= 60 Hours over 3 years with the minimum 10 hours per year
  • Example 2:
  • Year 1 2020 - 30 hours, Year 2 2021 - 10 hours and Year 3 2022 - 20 hours = 60 hours over 3 years with the minimum 10 hours per year.
  • Example 3:
  • Year 1 2021 - 10 hours, Year 2 2022 – 20 hours, Year 3 2023 -  20 hours = 50 hours over 3 years with the minimum 10 hours per year, did not meet 60 hour requirement.


Current Professional Members

Effective January 1, 2019, the new rolling three (3) year period will be from January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2021 for ALL Professional Members.

If your “log” is due in June and October 2019, based on the 100 hour requirement, you will not be required to submit during those timeframes. You will be required to follow the new requirements effective January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2019. 



It is strongly recommended that Professional Members enter their CPD information as it occurs throughout the year into the online CPD Reporting System. The deadline is January 15th of the following year to submit the minimum ten (10) CPD hours.  i.e. deadline is January 15, 2020 for January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2019. 


New Professional Members

If you are a new Professional Member, you do not have to report CPD hours in the calendar year you became certified. You will commence the CPD requirement on January 1st of the following year.


Example for New Professional Members

  • Obtain CPHR designation June, 2019
  • Rolling three year calendar January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2022
  • Minimum 10 CPD hours required January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020

Late Fee

A fee of $50.00 will be administered for not meeting and submitting the minimum ten (10) CPD hours required annually by the deadline of January 15 the following year. 

NOTE:  CPHR Saskatchewan will take the time to educate our members and not implement the fee until January 2021.


Failure to Meet Requirements

Professional Members will be notified if the required minimum of ten (10) CPD hours has not been submitted by January 15th and allowed 15 days from the date of notification to submit. An invoice will be initiated for late fees. Failure to meet the CPD requirements through the annual reporting process may result in revocation. 


CPD Categories

Please refer to the CPHR Continuing Professional Development Summary of Qualifying Activities for a list of the categories and requirements as some have changed.

You must include CPD hours in at least two (2) categories over the rolling three (3) year period. The annual requirement may be in one (1) category.



As part of the CPHR Canada’s audit process, three percent (3%) of CPD submissions will be audited annually. Professional Members who are randomly selected will be notified by March 1st of the following year. 

It is strongly recommended you keep all documentation for 18 months following your annual CPD submission in the event you are audited by CPHR Saskatchewan.        

i.e. January 1, 2019 - December 31, 2019: Retain documentation until June 30, 2021

Should a Professional Member not be able to produce documentation to support the CPD hours submitted, the information will be deleted from the system. This may result in a Professional Member having less than the required minimum of ten (10) CPD hours. As stated previously, it is strongly recommended you participate in and submit more than ten (10) hours of professional development on an annual basis. 


New Online CPD Reporting System

The Online Reporting System is now available and can be found here: 



Informational webinars will be held to educate members about the new CPD requirements and a walk through on how to enter information into the Online Reporting System. Professional Members are encouraged to email questions in advance to Holly Guran, Professional Standards Manager at so they can be answered “live” during the webinars.


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