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CPHR Saskatchewan Standard of Conduct
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Code of Professional Conduct


CPHR Saskatchewan (“the Association”) is a dual- object entity; responsible for building awareness, credibility and promotion of the profession as well as regulation of its members in their professional practice. As such, it is important that the Association provide guidance to its members on acceptable professional conduct and behaviors that do not meet the Association’s standards.

The purpose of this Code of Professional Conduct (“the Code”) is to identify those professional obligations that serve to protect the public in general, the client/employing organization, and its’ employees and the overall reputation of our profession.

All CPHR Saskatchewan members must abide by the entirety of this Code as a condition of their CPHR Saskatchewan membership.

If at any time there is doubt regarding the principles of the code, members should seek advice from the President or Executive Director of the Association to ensure that they avoid any actual or apparent conflicts.

Our Principles

1. Public Interest
Members shall conduct themselves at all times in manners that shall portray a positive image of the profession and its ability to serve the public interest. Members shall familiarize themselves with the provisions of the Association’s Complaints and Discipline process and govern themselves accordingly.

2. Competence

Members must maintain competence in carrying out all professional responsibilities and provide services in an honest, capable and diligent manner, ensuring that their services fall within the limits of their knowledge, experience and skill. Members must exemplify integrity, equity and diligence in their practice of the profession.

3. Legal Compliance

Members must adhere to any and all statutory Acts, Regulations or By-Laws relating to the field of human resource management, as well as all civil and criminal laws, statutes and regulations applicable in the jurisdiction of Saskatchewan or Canada.

Members must not engage in, counsel, aid and abet or condone any activity that would, or could reasonably be construed to circumvent the clear intention of any of the foregoing laws, statutes and regulations. Members must not knowingly lend themselves, their names or their services to any unlawful act of their client or employer as the case may be.

4. Confidentiality

Members must hold in strict confidence all confidential information acquired in the course of the performance of their services and not divulge such information unless required by law to do so, unless serious harm would be likely to occur without disclosure, or where otherwise authorized or required to disclose it.

Members must refrain from obtaining personal advantage, benefit or privilege gained from being a member or holding a position of trust within the Association.

5. Balancing Interests

Members must support, promote and apply the principles of human rights, equity, dignity and respect in the provision of their services. Members must also seek to balance organizational and employee/client interests and needs in their professional practice.

6. Conflict of Interest

Members must either avoid or disclose a potential conflict of interest that might influence or could be perceived to influence their actions or professional judgment.

7. Professional Growth and Development

Members shall maintain growth in the profession by engaging in activities that enhance the credibility and value of the profession. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, members will engage in continuing professional development (CPD) activities whether sponsored by the Association or otherwise that seek to expand their competence and enhance their skill set.

8. Compliance With the Authority of the Association

Members shall promote and uphold the profession of Human Resource Management, support the goals and objectives of the Association, abide by all by-laws and published policies of the Association, and support other members in doing the same.

When requested by the Association, members shall promptly provide a response to any matter addressed to them by the Registrar, Executive Director or Secretary of the Complaints and Discipline Committee as the case may be. Members are subject to the disciplinary authority of the Association regardless of where their conduct occurs. 


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